Achieve 1-Year Savings Goals with Term Vault

Embark on a dynamic savings journey designed to help you achieve your medium-term financial goals with the Term Vault. Earn up to 10% (*) (**) (***) annually with your interest paid daily.


Live rate (APR)

Gain Financial freedom

Earn daily interest

Withdraw interests in Euro or USDC 24/7

* Interests are variable and annualized

** Maximum interests obtained through the Ambassador program

*** Rates generated (see FAQ at bottom of page)


Maximize returns with a one-year commitment

With the Term Vault, enjoy higher returns compared to the Flex Vault. Lock in your investment for just 12 months to earn interest rates of up to 10%*, significantly higher than traditional savings solutions.

Each deposit will be locked for a period of 12 months.
Accumulated daily interest is available at any time according to your needs.

getting started

Advantageous Program in EURO or CRYPTO

Unlock the full potential of your finances, with no maximum investment limit.

Our allocations are dynamic and fully transparent. You can see the themes and associated percentages in real time.


Realize an infinite number of projects by unleashing the power of savings through blockchain

Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the Term Vault and a traditional savings offer ?

Our Term Vault allows you to generate gains with annualized rates of return of up to 7%* per year (10%* with our Ambassador program), thanks to an intelligent allocation composed of Blockchain technology giving access to decentralized finance (Protocol DeFi MIMO Capital) and the exploitation of the Bitcoin blockchain (Cloud Mining).

Like traditional savings products restricted by the key interest rates of central banks, the Term Vault is a revolutionary solution designed to generate higher returns, with gains from decentralized finance and Bitcoin blockchain (Cloud Mining).

Your interests are paid daily and available for transfer or payment with the RAYN (Visa) debit card.

*Please note that these returns are not fixed and may change according to market conditions.

How does it work and where does the rate come from ?

  • On receipt of the customer's request to transfer an amount of EURO or USDC to the futures account, RAYN converts EURO or USDC into PAR (Euro stable coin). This conversion is carried out mechanically (OTC Over the counter) at no cost for a EURO to PAR conversion, and at a low cost for a USDC to PAR conversion.
  • The PAR amount exchanged is then allocated into two compartments:
    • 60% PAR staké in the DEFI MIMO Capital* protocol
    • 40% PAR allocated to the RAYN** Cloud Mining program

Thanks to this intelligent allocation combining the Staking program and the Cloud Mining program, RAYN is able to offer an annualized variable rate of 7% to 10%* per year (*depending on subscription to the Ambassador program).

* DEFI MIMO Capital protocol

RAYN enables its users to interact directly with decentralized finance protocols (" DeFi ") to participate in yield farming activities.

For this purpose, RAYN has selected the protocol developed by Mimo Capital AG (“Mimo”), a Liechtenstein company headquartered at Alvierweg 17, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein, registered in Liechtenstein under number FL-0002.584.786-1.

Mimo offers a DeFi protocol for depositing crypto-assets, such as BTC or ETH, on a Vault in the form of a smart contract, in order to mine a EURO stablecoin entitled "PAR". On the Mimo protocol, each Vault is unique, and the assets deposited there are blocked and covered by asafety reserve. Once the PAR token has been mined, it can be stored in Curve or Balancer liquidity pools, which generate returns. Mimo records a very high level of over-collateralization.

** RAYN Cloud Mining Program

RAYN, through its subsidiaries, has established partnerships with third-party entities (notably Hearst, Bitmain) to offer bitcoin mining services (the " Cloud Mining program ") to its users.

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoins by using computers to solve mathematical problems through a process known as Proof of Work.This process requires significant computing power and electricity consumption.

The Mining Program allows the Flex Vault user to rent computing power(hashrate) from mining machines owned by RAYN subsidiaries and operated by RAYN Partners (“ cloud mining “), in return for daily rewards earned in bitcoins and converted by the relevant Provider into PAR (the “ Mining Rewards “)

Release of my deposits and interest payments

If you make your deposit in the Term Vault before 5 p.m., your returns will be paid the next day from 5 p.m., so that we can collect the funds and make them available on the Mimo DeFi platform.

If you make your deposit after 5pm, then the first payment will be made 2 days later, as your funds will not have been collected in time to make them available.

Please note that Term Vault deposits are blocked for 12 months. All deposits made over a period of one month will be released on the first day of the following month, 1 year later. For example, if you make several deposits into your Term Vault Account on December 31st 2023, the funds deposited successively will be released at the same time on January 1, 2025.

Please note that these returns are not fixed and may change according to market conditions.

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